Monday, June 8, 2009

Cycling and bitching. Oops beaching...

Still wondering whether to write a long one for this, or should I make it short and sweet?

Hurdle back to the holidays in May, U6BF's prettiest, most resourceful and most passionate secretary (she's the one and only secretary, and must puji a bit) planned a day hang out to Putrajaya and Bagan Lalang exclusively for dear BFians. A good chance for the us who once studied in the same room to now again rekindle and enjoy the memorabilia.

But why did she have to make it a day after my Langkawi? I was damn tired...

Halcyon 23rd May rendezvoused 10 of us - Ben, Phakai, Phon, Mel, Laushu, Ching Yeng, Soo, Eileen and Kian Ti. And me, not to forget. The day held perfect weather for outdoor activities. Soft solar ray penetrated clouds reached us in mildly scent. Let the wind came and passed, troubles and sorrows blown afar.

For Botanical Garden had an event going on itself, we switched to Wetlands in Putrajaya. Bravo, immediate plan B. Single bikes rented for pro bikers while double bikes for pros fetching noobs, we rode down the lanes for an hour. Hardly broke a sweat. Lunch was on Ching Yeng; she cooked us spaghetti from home. Other activities in Putrajaya was on feet to interpretation centre and nature eye-sipping. The only worth seeing creature was Greater Flamingo by the pond. Hmm... I had seen plenty in Langkawi :P. Langkawi's prettier.

I had to admit the ride itself was pretty uneventful. Dull, plain and messy. I couldn't smell any fragrance of nature, odour of poorly maintained lakes instead. Nothing was entertaining except the laughter and jokes we had along the way. Laushu can never forget the palm tree she had mistaken as banana tree. I still wonder how she did that.

Everyone's ready. Let's go!

Kononnya tak tau cycle?

Eileen and Phakai fast and furious

Laushu and her bike

Mel: Who says I cannot cycle? See me now?

Greater Flamingo pond

Spaghetti and grapes for lunch

Interpretation centre where air-cond was the main attraction

Kampung boy? Haha...

Group photo - banana trees as background

From Putrajaya we screeched into Bagan Lalang near Sepang, navigated by the half-functional GPS. On the way there Ching Yeng was looking for her camera film, a rare and ancient type. We couldn't find it in big cities like Alamanda but spotted it in rural area of Jalan Pelik, Sepang. Pelik kan? So sorry I fell asleep on the way, failed to realize time flew so quickly during the 1 hour journey to the beach.

Just seconds, we could see hunkies stripped into the sea. Either they couldn't stand the heat at the beach or they were so eager to burn down the calories they had from spaghetti; their passion to water peaked their adrenaline to such high level. Although it wasn't a pure soothing walk on the beach with voices of mother nature, the beach definitely had the smells I had remembered in my dreams, and never let me down. Waves knocking on my leg calling me forth. In real, I don't feel so ^^. Slightly exaggerating I guess.

Late evening, 1 hour after our arrival, hundreds of small kids marched in to where we camped. To say them disturbing was unfair, but to say they're annoying was just.

'Aqua-phobia' Ultraman stayed dry and cruised on the beach while others were enjoying their swim and dive and drink salt water. Staring into the vast ocean did help calm me. Been looking afar to indistinguishable horizons. But I see through it. No matter how calm you claim the ocean is, it is unpredictable when the next death will the ocean claim. Who would refuse to jolly in the sea if they had a chance? I just wouldn't, or couldn't.

Despite my camera was the only 'ultimate weapon' to keep myself off water, no one could escape the fate that one must get wet when he's in the beach. Unable to struggle off, the hunkies weightlifted and threw me into the sea. SPLASH, and I was soaked. Cis...

Not wet yet

The hunkies

From left: Ching Yeng, Soo, Laushu, Kian Ti

Sexy boy or ugly girl?

Children from nowhere

Sand art of my signature

Arghh my eyes hurt! Who's the culprit? Scroll down...

Jeng jeng jeng... Bangga punya culprit

All of us - edited and added 12 June 2009

Group photo - edited and added 12 June 2009

Sometimes cameraman also has to pose along to get nice angle

Sunset and silhouette

The next highlight was seafood dinner. Fishy boney shelly seafood, I don't like. My chopsticks fork only targeted fried sotong and kangkung, while I leave the rest under the hungry-an's mercy.

I cannot help but to pity the drivers. Not only they had to stay awake and drive under fatigued but to bear enormous responsible to keep us intact, in complete pieces. They were nevertheless the noblest guys of the day. Back in Sri Petaling where everyone first gathered in the morning, Phakai found his key missing. He couldn't have driven back home if it was not his sister's help to bring the spare key.

Smiles, sayonara, ciaoz, bye, see you, waves, kisses, hugs, anything that departed us exchanged - sign of enter-the-dream session. Indeed that day was another remarkable day U6BF had after long term of missing in action. Or was it me MIA?

The next day was another outing to Midvalley with friends. Dude, I need rest! Why is my schedule packed as such?

p/s 1: Photos are credited based on trendy signatures on the pictures.
p/s 2: Yet to receive photos from Ching Yeng's camera. Will update once they reach me. - edited and added 12 June 2009

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