Sunday, April 6, 2008

Exam time - 05/04/2008

Just to update you guys bout Jino who is nowhere to be found lately.

First of all I would like to apologize for the announcement I made previously that I will be moving to new house last 23 of March. That move will be postponed till further notice. I do not know what reason to give. And I do not need to give any reason. Just disappointment filling me throughout my heart. My own room, privacy… How long do I need to wait again this time? Let me guess. Another 2 years. Let’s see the results in the next 2 years…

Jino's assignment and test seasons was over. Maths tests X 2 + assignment and interview... Pengajian Malaysia presentation... English assignment long report + presentation... Physical Chem Midterm + open book test + lab reports... Structural Bio midterm + lab reports... Everything's over... But Jino’s final exam is coming up which is scheduled as below:

23 Apr – English for Science
25 Apr – Mathematics for Bioscience
28 Apr – Physical Chemistry
02 May – Pengajian Malaysia
03 May – Structural Biochemistry

Basicly I am not worried about English and Maths as I think I am well prepared for the subjects. I even score good marks in course works. What I really worry is Pengajian Malaysia. Throughout the 13 weeks, the lecturer never teaches a single thing. He attends classes and then cancels the classes. He attends classes during presentation time. There’s no test for this subject, just a final. So I am really blur bout this subject as if there is no guideline to follow. I am OK with Physical Chem and Structural Bio, at least I think I am. We had an open book test yesterday, but due to the time constraint, everyone was allowed to complete the test at home and pass up the next morning. But the lecturer was so angry the next morning when she saw many people copying each other. So she gave us 5 seconds to pass up otherwise any papers submitted after that will be rejected. She was so strict she really gave us exactly 5 seconds. Luckily I was fast enough. Pity half the class who took her word as joke. Although quite unfair to some people, I do not blame her. Anyway this test is 5 marks of the coursework. Quite high, eh? I will try my best to score in finals. I set president list as my target recently haha… Although it sounds quite impossible at this stage. After the exams I will having holidays to approximately 18 May. Lately I will be very busy but I will also try my best to come out for movies. I missed a lot of nice movies lately.



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