Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bachelor of Science (Hons.) Biochemistry - Year 2 Semester 2

After 14 weeks of "slow life" for me, the university has finally reopened.

Parents have to re-assume the busy role of 'crazy driver', sending the kids to and from the school. I mean primary and secondary school fellow students.

5 papers for this semester.

1. Culture and Communication - 3 credit hours
2. Metabolism II - 3 credit hours
3. Genetics - 4 credit hours
4. Molecular Biology - 4 credit hours
5. Pendidikan Moral - useless, in Malay, creditless hour paper

Nothing much this semester. Same wish. No Kampar vacation please.

This Molecular Biology lecturer has a terrible habit. He uses the word "k" too much in a sentence. "k" as in "ok". In a lecture class of 2 hours, he uses averagely 792 "k". Want to know how he uses it?

"k, in DNA k, A and T k, has 2 k hydrogen bond. k. All these, k, are ur refresher. k?"
I definitely never know A and T have hydrogen bond as much as 2k. Too shock indeed... - edited and added 18th January 2009

And I bought new stationeries replacing the old pens, erasers and pencil box which fought the last battle during the exams last semesters.

New pencil box and Ultraman

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot