Monday, May 5, 2014

A "koffing" Songkran (Part 1)

Part 1, Part 2 (coming soon), Part 3 (coming soon)

09 April 2014, Day 1

Numerous emails were sent to my agents and they were mostly procedural updates, to behave, to expect souvenirs etc. Well, I was not in the right condition to talk at all. The cough attacked whenever I opened my mouth. My face turned so red my bosses forced me to go home.

Oops I forgot to put "away from office" in my work email... It did not bother me anywa.

It would be a great trip if I had not fallen sick. I had to work today but decided to call it half day. Seriously, the fever and cough turned from bad to worse. On a brighter note, I have a good agent Raveen who brought me antibiotics and medicines and she prayed for my health. Thanks to her, my fever went away and she made me healthy again to fly.

With the half day leave I took this chance to rest as much as possible and made my last minute preparation. No underwear. No condom. No lubricant. Hell I regretted not to bring along lubricant. 7 tops and 3 bottoms. Then jacket and medicines to control my temperature, you won't know how useful they were.

This bag is good, trust me. But I am greedy. The bag used by that pilot is elegant and smart. Surely it is costly but I swear to get one. He walked pass without looking at me. OMG the pilot was so handsome...

The flight to Bangkok did not begin well. Curses echoed when they made the announcement of flight delay. That was just the beginning. Secondly my ears suffered badly during landing due to the pressure. Nevertheless we reached Don Muang Airport at 11.00 p.m. and spent 400 bath on taxi to our hotel, The Heritage Sathorn.

The price of the hotel is relatively low but its secluded location made us pay differently. It was a 20 minutes walk to the nearest BTS. Not to mention the terrible wifi annoyed us so much we had to surf right outside the door. The spacious room had at least 10 plugs but only 1 working plug was detected. Truth be told, I would take this opportunity to warn you all not to go for this hotel. It is plain sucky.

Supper from 7-11 was not disappointing~


10 April 2014, Day 2

And so you know the trip officially started with windows shopping involved a lot of walking but no money spent. The day revolved around Siam Paragon, Siam Central and Central World.

Lunch at one of the tepi jalan stall just to fill the stomach temporarily.

Ok I lied about not spending money here. I found one of the memorabilias that reminds me of Thailand. No English subtitle for this DVD, but who needs subtitle when I have memorized the entire subtitle from Youtube?

Tea time at Mr. Jones, Siam Absolute. We spent a lot of hours here for the free wifi.

We stopped at a lot of places for desserts but this is remarkably special~

We ran out of idea for dinner, so we dropped by Shabushi. Shabushi was so bad, any steamboat in KL beats Shabushi.

While there are a lot of massage parlor in Bangkok, I do not know why we ended up in Sala Daeng. It makes more sense if hanky panky massages are required. Unfortunately we were not looking for that. Yet we were in Sala Daeng for 2 hours normal Thai massage. The masseur focused too much on my foot and my groin area but what I think I need most was some pressure on my shoulders.

We call it a day. At least I tried to. Cough did not allow me to sleep.

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