Saturday, May 30, 2015

152 days ago...

Dear FY,

152 days ago, I realized how time has brought us apart. Guess what I saw when I looked into your ever charming eyes?

I did my hair the best in entire 2014 that night. That was my best top I have. Sorry that my car is not in good shape. But no matter how good I thought I was, I could not escape old age and it clearly showed in the reflection on your eyes.

The conversation that night was really disturbing, FY. But I guess we escaped the unrealistic dreams with a good bye kiss. 

Me and bii did not begin a journey as you had imagined. In fact we, like us, parted our ways with hugs and memories.

Dear FY,

Do you remember the video clip you sent me many years ago? Probably not. I made your voice my alarm ring tone every morning.

Do you remember the candid picture I took few years ago? Probably not 'coz I took quite a number of you. I made you my phone wallpaper.

I miss you.

Yours truly,

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