Wednesday, May 7, 2008

05 May 2008 - Glimpse of My Sem Break

Now it’s my turn to be free. 03 May ’08, 1600 pm. After my last paper UESE1204 Structural Biochemistry, I felt so light. It’s as if something was lifted away, as if I can fly. But I never jump from the building. ‘Coz there’s no need to. I hope I can pass all the papers with grade B and above. My Maths and Chemistry were like hell. I don’t think there’s anything to think bout the past but hope for the best to come.

After the last paper, I had a thought of doing a list of what to do during the sem break. I had a lot in my mind, but I wonder how many things can I accomplished in just a week? Let’s just try and see…

a) Clear up the messy room
b) Go to Cameron Highlands (7th May)
c) Buy cactus (rose) from Cameron Highlands
d) Celebrate suzanne's birthday on 17th May
e) Collect my camera charger in Midvalley (4th June)
f) Complete baby’s drama download (20th June)
g) Apply Celcom Postpaid
h) Return all Form 6 Chemistry books to Chu (I think Form 6 books were useful compared to those recommended by lecturer)
i) Return all Form 6 Maths Kasturi notes to Khor Kah Loong
j) Buy Hitsugaya miniature
k) Reformat my computer
l) Pay bill for next sem

There’re only 10 of them. I think it shouldn’t be a problem for me right? Just as a ‘spoiler’, I will be using Celcom in the future. But 016 will be remained as well. And I want to plant a cactus too. I hope it blooms flower rather than drooping to the ground. "LIFE is MEANINGLESS if we hv lost our DIRECTION..." – Kah Loong. That’s why I try to put everything into a piece, and making me easier to decide what to do than wasting time thinking…

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