Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hectic, busy, pathetic but joyful, care-free lifestyle with higher aims - 15 June 2008

The last day of my holiday season ended on last 25th of May. Which means my new sem started on 26th May. I am now officially a Year 2 Sem 1 Biochem student. 1st year passed very quickly. Last sem my GPA was 2.8000 while my CGPA has increased to 2.7142. At least it's increasing. This sem I am taking 5 subjects in total. Or rather as Ben said, 5 papers. Microbiology, is a killing paper. Above 70% of the students failed last sem. Can you imagine how does this paper will kill me next? Principles of Nutrition is also a killing paper. We study RDAs, AIs, ULs, EARs, AMDRs, EERs rather than vitamins, minerals or food nutrients. The next paper is Metabolism 1. The lecturer's way of teaching is the worst I have ever seen. Imagine I have to use camera to snap pics as she is not giving notes to us, and yet we have to study so many machines and the theories working on it. But a good point about her is that she was baby's coursemate. Besides that, Management Principles is suicidal. The lecturer and tutor is 2 different people. The lecture is bored as hell 'coz I don't understand a thing. To be more precise, her words cannot enter my ear. However, the tutorial is the only time i enjoyed the most. The tutor is a funny guy. Enzymology 1 is the only subject that I can understand. It's about enzyme protein. I had been studying for the last 2 years haha. So I guess this is the only subject to score this year?

The schedule for this sem is a very head spinner. The time itself is laughable. From 9 am to 6 pm on Monday with 4 hours in between, I have too much time to spend. But when I drive back home after class, I will reach home only at 9 pm due to the strawberry. On Tuesday from 10 am to 7.30 pm. Yes, 7.30 pm. No joke 7.30 pm. With 3 hours break in between. By the time I reach home, it will be 9 pm (if there's no rain/ accident/ strawberry). Wed is a bit relaxing. 9 am to 2 pm. No complain. But the next on Thursday is 9.30 am to 7.30 pm with 2 hours break. Yes again 7.30 pm. Haiz... On Friday is from 9 am to 4 pm. Sometimes after Tuesday and Thursday class, I will offer some girls for a ride back home. Err actually they ask for my favour. 'Coz its dangerous to take bus back home, especially when there's no one else in the bus. UTAR is totally brainless 'coz they can approve such schedule as if they are meant to torture us little children. On Friday I drop some of my friends at lrt after school 'coz they want to go back hometown.

So far this sem has 2 assignments. Management Principles and Principles of Nutrition. But I had completed my part in Management Principles. Now left only Principles of Nutrition which I have no idea how to start yet. Practical reports are not as hell as the last 2 sems. 'Coz we are required to submit mostly short reports. This sem I am going to break my record in my whole life. I will buy a book called Microbiology for my studies. This is the most expensive book I have ever bought, RM 83.

I do not consider all this as disaster (yet). The real disaster is yet to come in finals. I treat them as challenges. Life is more interesting when there are challenges. Although sleep very early at night, but waking up early in the morning is hard. Tiredness in the morning + boring subjects = Bedtime. But there are a few people that I need to thank. 1st is Grace. She gave me a poster in 1 morning. It's none other than baby's poster. It's a real surprise 'coz I never expect something nice to happen in the morning. The next is Shiau Li. She gave me a few of baby's brochure on 29th May morning. Very unexpected as well. 'Coz I have never seen it yet. She took 3 copies for me from KLCC Sony Center. So I too took at least 10 copies from Midvalley Sony Center when I attend U6BF gathering last 4th June. The last person to thank is Piew!!! He took 3 copies of baby's some sort of magazine from Sg Wang. 8 pages magazine where 7 of them are baby's pages. So thankful Piew took for me 'coz when I went to Sg Wang today I couldn't find it.

This sem although does not start with good things, but I am motivated as day passes by. I am getting used to the hectic shedule, and I am no more a blur guy. This sem I will definitely do better than previous sems (although it's practically not logical, but I will make it happen).

Recently there was a gathering for my class as well. U6BF 2005/2006 is famous for close friendships, the noisiest class in the whole form 6in VI. That day I met few of my classmates that seldom attend gatherings. Si Toh, Justina, Yee... Really miss them. We had our gathering in Midvalley Chili's on 4th June. 18 people attended the gathering and Chili's was so noisy like pasar malam. Thx to the contribution of all of us [Wai Yin, Fiona, Laushu, Kian Ti, Ben, Li-shia (not classmate), Li Ling, Len Yi, Yee, Phon, Phakai, Vincent, Wai Loon, Ching Yeng, Si Toh, Justina, and me]. OH SORRY I HAVE FORGOTTEN CHU CHUN HONG!!! HE WENT BACK EARLY SO I HAVE FORGOTTEN HIM HEHE - added and edited 20th June 2008 It ended very late. And it's a silly day for me too. The next day is the increase of petrol price to RM 2.70. But I only fill RM 10 'coz I don't know bout the increase.

On 12th June, Biochem Group 1 celebrated Siau Chien's 21st birthday. We had a mini party in UTAR cafeteria during break time. We bought her a Cheeze Chocolate Cake from Secret Recipe. Don't ask me why this cake. But it's a nice cake. At least I think it's nice. I wonder how many people will remember my birthday? I know I have forgotten Kah Loong's, and yet I have not wished him yet. Haha...

Rynn my baby is going to release his new album very soon. Nowadays MY fm always play its theme song 听见辛副 and baby's new song 干物女. I am waiting for 10 July, the date of his new album 干物世界 launching. Today is the presale of his new album. Those who make booking will get his poster and a diary. So I planned to go with someone, but none wants to wait with me from 12 pm till the event starts. So Kelvin accompanied me after his work at 2 pm. I waited alone till the time comes. There was an auction for Sze Chuan victims before my baby's event. So I stayed there to watch. It was very shocking to see those people doing charity. A girl student can offer RM 800 for Farenheit poster, while a guy can offer RM 1500 for SHE's handmade wrist chain. Are they nuts? They are not doing charity. They are chasing fames. I cannot understand how youngsters think. They are filthy rich.

When the booth for baby opened, I was the 3rd to purchase the album haha. I am proud of myself. There are free stickers as well. Then he sang his new song 干物女 and sign all the posters. He even signed my previous 2 albums haha... But after the album, all I can eat for the whole month is cucumber and sand. I am totally broke. But it's definitely worth it, and 1 of my dreams came through again this year...

Many people had been asking me the same question recently. "Jino, have you moved?" I must shamefully answer, "NO". I think the renovation progress since then is 0. If you treat me as friends, don't mention this thing in front of me anymore. Thank you very much.

Life now is up and down. There's no guarantee what will happen next. I need to make myself busy to hide my sorrowness. I pity those in Sze Chuan 'coz I am more lucky than them. I cry when I heard the news. So many people died innocently yet so many useless people still living in this world. I might be one of the useless type, but I am changing. I want to become Ultraman, strong enough to survive in this world... I am ULTRAMAN. HI YEAK!!!

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