Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Financially upset

When one faces financial problem and feels uncertain about his money, he will gradually go into denial. That is when every second is an emotional and monetary burden. While PTPTN has enslaved many of my peers upon graduation, I am grateful that I have yet to worsen my debt with a car loan.

While my family and sozai disagree kao kao, I strongly believe that the multicash savings plan that I signed up recently will benefit me in future. Save RM6000 annually for a decade and interest will accumulate to the age of 70 (wonder if I can live that long). By doing so, they claim that I 'freeze' largely of my cash from unforeseen circumstances. I couldn't agree more with that. 

However, I understand anyone who puts 100% of their money into a single investment is asking for pain and anguish. Two components combine to create an allocation plan; financial situation and risk. The kind of change that can trigger significant allocation changes are disability, critical illness, employment or income change, and more. Unless one of these changes significantly, there should be only modest adjustment in allocation. I may be poor in finance management, I am not close to a level so crazy that I leave myself cashless. Though not stable at the moment, I am confident that securing my financial future is achievable in time to come. On top of that, the savings comes with small insurance features. The definition of insurance is too general to describe but if I die today, I will at least not burden my parents with my existing debts.

And I am desperately looking for a part time job with super flexible work time. The commitments are killing me away. Seriously, I am bad with financial planning.

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