Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Blogiversary and gymiversary

Today is an important day for two reasons. The first reason is that April 13 is the sixth anniversary of this blog. I could never have imagined that I would still be happily blogging after I started my career life. Of 'coz, anyone would have realized the tremendous decline in posting over the years. There was a huge difference of anticipation towards blogging now and six years ago considering the work load and amount of time I spend at home. Life's been dull. Many drafts in the blog are pending to be edited. Procrastination? Writer's block? I just couldn't muster enough discipline to channel my thoughts into proper words.

But, hey! Never in my wildest imagination did I think people would still visit my blog and befriend me. Thank you for sharing the fun and keep me going with your support and comments. Blogging is my best way to improve my English. There are many grammar rules in English that I am not aware of. This is the place I am going to put my English to the test. 

Most importantly, I still uphold the belief of "write to express, not to impress". There may come a time when the writing feels flat and lifeless. I'm pretty sure I understand that. That is why I am amazed how we are still pressing on.

The second is that today is also my one month gymiversary. In other words, I joined the gym last month. The main reason is the gym is only 10 minutes walk away from where I live. I'd never go regularly if it weren't really convenient. And I admit that I have been slacking a little on my diet. In a few cases I have been feeding on bread and toast. To add insult to injury, my mama does not corporate and I ended having mountain of rice down my gut everyday. The carbohydrate intake is a bit too high to my liking. Friends advise me to get myself protein drinks to obtain fast results but it is unfortunate that I am currently suffering a minor financial crisis. One month. In another month, I will resort to protein drinks if no prominent result is observed.

The gym has the least visitors at 6.45 a.m., which is the gym's opening hour. And I love this hour not because there are hunkies roaming over the floor. On the contrary, the gym is very empty and suitable for people like me to workout. Imagine yourself in the gym during peak hours and you are using a chest press machine at 26 kg. Then next to you, stand a hunk with "WTH are you doing at 26 kg?" eyes staring at you. When I move away, he wipes the sweat off the seat, and switch to 54 kg. 54 is not my number - not as a beginner with my physique. If you do not understand, it is personal space in question. Truthfully, I can easily lose confidence and feel fearful when someone's watching.

As much as I love personal space, I seriously don't mind eye candies in sauna and locker room. Putting my gym routine aside, my eyes were rewarded with two Japanese walking in the locker room without a single thread during my first visit, right in front of me. They weren't too built. Their skin weren't as fair as I imagined. Their thick bushes tempted me to offer them a trim. I saw them again in another afternoon, no further action was taken though. Nothing was more rewarding since then. I no longer see them as I hit the gym early morning. Workout in the afternoon was probably not a bad idea, after all?

There is not much expectation from a month of gym. Though I begin to feel some fine lines on the abs, abs don't look sexy without a developed chest. Till I manage to get a better body, I am reluctant to show picture here. Fingers crossed, I give myself half year period for significant results.

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