Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Upgrade. Starvation. OT. FB.

Just about to blog something interesting and I accidentally clicked on blogger new interface. WTF? I seriously hate this new layout. It's so plain!

What's the interesting thing? Beat me, now that I am angry with this new interface I forgot what I wanted to write! Damn...

Anyway, most of you have not realized that my old Facebook was deactivated many months ago. Reason which I don't plan to share publicly, only few knew. Sorry and thanks. Things have changed in many ways as we moved on. After four months of disappearance, I returned to Facebook not because I cannot live without it. An agreement was signed. Such agreement would allow me to pierce my ears if I can return my Facebook to its former glory. There were many promises violated when I started this new account. Again I apologize to all involved. But let's not dwell in the past. If you are here and couldn't find my name in your Facebook, please click on the Facebook icon below the blog title and you will be led to where I reside. If you are interested, that is. No obligation.

Using Nokia 5800 XpressMusic for less than 5 months, the mobile is upgraded to iPhone 4 above. Truth be told, seeing one using iPhone on the street to be so common that I feel more superior to use Nokia 5800. At any rate, an iPhone as so zai's graduation gift isn't too much as long as it makes him happy. Which is mine? Guess and you shall be rewarded.

To buy two iPhones does not mean I am rich. Two iPhones in the given time is definitely inappropriate to the year end budget. If I calculated correctly, I will need to save at least RM 1,700 from this month to cover the iPhones and Taiwan expenses for two pax by next September. It sounds impossible but it's achievable - 'coz I am Jino. To achieve these, I need to carefully lessen GSC, Sushi Zanmai, petrol and condoms. To suffer slight starvation and constant overtime (OT) would hasten the process. I sound crazy but they worth my effort. Does that explain my fatigue and low sex drive?

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