Thursday, October 27, 2011

Attitude of entitlement

The few instances recently where the idea to end our relationship continue to haunt. It's not once or twice in a year. Rather, it's three or four times in a month that have wearied me. Perhaps my tolerance has deteriorated below the threshold. Or perhaps I don't feel the appreciation that I deserve. The relationship, no matter how I look at it, doesn't look as healthy and glorious as it used to.

Often I lost myself into negativity. 

I am tired.
Should I let go?

Walking together for this long isn't an easy journey. Having said that, I still cherish the rare moments of joy and the constant incoherent argument throughout the love. No matter how hurt it is, a life without you is a life wasted. Without you, I will lose many goals in my life. I am never complete. To give my 4 years of investment another chance, I just have to smile, hold back the tears and pretend everything's okay.

Being a full time lover is so tiring and now I can't stop yelling for off days. Never in my life I request for a break. For once I strongly believe that I deserve some rest to ease my mind (as if the love is torturing me), I humbly submit to you my application for annual leave. A quick trip (without you) will be great.

1) Sun tanning - Pangkor
2) Mount climbing - Kinabalu

May I? Without you?

I already know your answer before asking.

Application declined. Reason: I have to tag along.

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