Monday, January 16, 2012

January update

Forgive me for my absence in the past weeks. Due to certain reasons, I haven't have free time to blog my mind in this space. I don't mind if you don't forgive me. You probably don't care anyway.

To blog the end of 2011 when January 2012 is coming to an end sounds ridiculously wrong to me. You may not agree, I won't fret and I don't really care. What I really wanted to say now is; I had been up and down for the previous months, it's a year riding on roller coaster and my life was so complicated that you won't understand what I say. To sum it all, to not share my 2011 would be best for you.

At any rate, 2012 did not begin with adorable twinks on my bed, nor there was durian raining from the sky. Mind you, those were purely my imagination, not wish. My 2012 started with flu, fever, cough, sore throat and all illness you can imagine when one hits 35 years old. I was in the office, facing the four white walls. In a muted monologue mode, I curse every customer who rang.

Bla bla bla...

Straight to the point, me and so zai had our anniversary celebration in a much simple but costly way.

 Yashiki, Viva Home on 08 January 2012

What surprised me the most was not the money I spent on that day. Tuls, out of no where, texted his blessing on our 4th year anniversary. Honestly, I would like to hug Tuls for making my day brighter.

And then the year continued with more food the next day.

Suki-ya, Tokyo Street - 09 January 2012

A meal with colleagues is better than to eat alone in office. Who would have thought a small sized girl could eat more than me?

The end of the post. I promise to bring more updates in future, constantly.

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