Monday, August 13, 2012

An arousing clinical experience

A fantasy story, do not over think ^^.

The visit was in September last year, it was so long ago I hope I got things right. Let's see if I can rewrite this explicitly.

This was my first time visiting a doctor alone. When the nurse asked for my identification, I instead replied with the reason of my visit. Only when she pulled our her hand, I learned my mistake. I quickly handed my IC and ING card over. To my relief, the nurse did not practise active listening.

I came into the room and was tense to see he was a young gentleman in his late 20's. A nice looking guy with graying hair. He looked at me through his glasses and told me to sit down.

Well, it's very personal. I found blood in my semen, you know what I mean?

He looked at me through his spectacles and drummed his fingers on the desk.

Do you have various sex partners? Yes.
Do you practise safe sex? Not always.
Do you have sex with boys or girls? Boys.
Do you penetrate or were you the one penetrated? The latter.
When was the last time you had blood test? Never.
When did not you start to notice blood? 2 weeks ago.
Was there shred of thin blood or patch of blood? Patch of blood.
Was the concentration of the blood decreasing from each day? I did not take note on that.
Do you feel pain or burn sensation when you cum? The feeling is fine.
Did you stroke or squeezed too hard? I did it as normal.
How often do you cum? Once a month, or slightly more.
Are you having any pressure from family or work recently? Not that I am aware of. 

He paused and drummed his fingers again.

You know what? I'm going to have to ask you to remove those for me, ok?

I knew what was coming now as I heard him slipping on a rubber glove. The door was locked.

I shrugged inwardly, resigning myself to the inevitable,  I stood up from the chair and reached down to remove my pants. As I lowered my slacks, my now semi-hard boner sprang out. I knew I turned a few dozen shades of red. And I could feel an erection coming on against all my will to prevent it. The doctor definitely did not see any sign of undergarment on me put me into many fantasy. This only served to fuel my erection and it continued to grow to full size, pointing up to the ceiling as I stood still, waiting for next instruction.

To the bed.

Now there I was, spreading my naked crotch to him, with a now rock-hard erection. He moved between my legs, sitting on one of those rolling stools, and began to inspect my genitals, seemingly playing with my balls. I guess he was feeling for lumps or something. He felt all around them for about two minutes which seemed like forever to me. Then he reached under my balls and pushed up into my groin and asked me to cough. Everything was fine I guess. Then he reached up and took my penis in his hand and lifted it up and looked at it. 

He said that my testicles were fine.

Describe, young man. What's the proportion of the normal and bloody semen when you ejaculated?
The 1st few shots were clean, but the last few were stained with blood. This happened for more than a week.
When did you last cum? 2 days ago.
Can you do it again? I need you to provide me sample. Yes.

The doctor looked for a container in one of drawers while I quickly dressed up and hid my erection. Pointing at another door, he directed me to collect my ejaculation in what standard urine test bottle. I made a frantic request for an extra bottle before I enter into another room. Honestly I didn't take long to reach my orgasm and filled the bottles.

He held the warm bottles filled with clean semen high in his right, while the bloody one in his left. It was obvious he was focusing on the left

I need you to return for follow up next Monday. Ok.
Please come at night at this hour and I will be here. Ok.
Please monitor the colour of the blood if it has decreased. Ok.
Do not perform sexual activity with your partners for the moment. Ok.

There was a breath of relief the moment I stepped out the clinic. Still dressed in my work attire, I walked home with a pack of antibiotics in my hand. It was 1 a.m. and the street was empty. He refused to tell me anything and I was instructed to return for follow up next week. Another 7 days to endure the pain of waiting.

He's good looking!

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