Friday, August 24, 2012

To overcome one of my weaknesses (Part 1)

Part 1

The day was so depressing when friends scored A in the English paper while I was a laughing stock for scoring only C. As a man in pride, I made promises (to myself) that never again shall I be laughed at.

No journey comes without challenges. At first I thought it would be costly to improve my English. You know... British Council and all classes. Crap! But your blog motivated me so much back then (even now) and I still visit your place to get myself inspired. With some room of improvement, I am glad I have reached a level decent enough where majority can understand my English. Wee~ Never have I thought it could be this simple. What had I done differently? All thanks to the right attitude and discipline... and you.

Anyway that wasn't the point!

Now my next focus is to master the command of Chinese language. Lacking of exposure is definitely a drawback but is never a barrier. I place my next 365 days in bet to fully read a Chinese newspaper without flaw. Impossibru? Watch me.

What's your excuse?

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