Friday, February 28, 2014

Career progression

In my last post I said there is only a vacancy up to grab. What vacancy is that?

Position of Australia Contact Centre Team Manager.

My last entry was a depression venting 'coz I thought there was only a vacant position and I will never be appointed a team manager. The seat was reserved for her. Every one knows this.

Hell I was wrong.

The seat was reserved for her is not wrong. There is only a vacant position is not wrong either.

The big boss simply add another position vacant in her team. I was not sure if this is pre-planned or a last minute decision, but hey! My direct boss sms-ed me at 2.30 a.m. to congratulate me.

No official announcement from the management yet at this point of time as I am away celebrating my Chinese New Year. You read this correctly!!! I took my Chinese New Year leaves 3 weeks after the real day.

2014. A new role in the company. The same role on bed.

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