Friday, February 21, 2014

Depression... Seriously depressed

Just an update from below post, the funny character finally tendered his/ her resignation and it was a 24 hours notice. And I thought I could finally breathe a sigh of relief.
Apparently I am wrong.

I thought I deserve a long break for the job I had done so far. Stressed for the past 2 months, I approached my boss and requested for a week off. The plan would go smoothly if there is no obstacle.

The obstacle is none other than the "Career progression interview".

I know, you know and the whole world knows that this vacancy is not dedicated to me. It is clear this sandiwara is a platform to make them promoted officially, and I will never come to the picture.

Why, of all days in the week I am scheduled to the mid of week? How am I going for my long break?

Fuck the interview, it cannot be rescheduled. My carefree boss asked me to reschedule my plan instead.

I could not stand this. I cried in office (unnoticed). I wrote and signed my resignation letter but my colleague shreded it.

All I want is a short trip during weekend, maybe slight extend to Monday. But I was denied annual leave. When they asked me to schedule my trip to weekdays, WHO THE FUCK IN THE WORLD IS FREE ON WEEKDAYS FOR TRIPS??? IDIOTS.

At times I do not feel appreciated by the department. Compared to colleagues who get the same pay as me, I worked from 5 a.m. and stayed till 9 p.m.. Mind you this is charity, not overtime. And they blamed it on my time management.

Boss: Now you know how hard it is to do manager's work.
Jino: Fuck off. I am not a manager and I have no pay rise or bonus like a manager.

Never in the past 3 years have I felt so disturbed by work. 


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