Saturday, January 25, 2014

A true friend and a good man. Thanks.

Starting 2014 is a bizarre to my career experience. I am assigned to 7 new hires to my department and my role is to prepare them to meet their targets during the learning curve, which we call this period, Academy. I personally call this period, PERIOD.

Given this opportunity to "handle" people for real and to involve myself more to management, that should be an eye opening experience. Only if the funny character did not show up. 

This funny character has the characteristics not widely accepted and his attitude is seriously not something a new hire should display. Acting proud and resistant to feedback is seriously annoying.

In just a week numerous complaints were raised not only from internal department but also from other departments of several levels, security, cafeteria crews and even cleaners. As much as I hate medicine and doctors, I forced 2 panadols down my throat which I never had for the past 2 years. I seriously cannot take the pain anymore.

The complaints from other colleagues were very personal; eg: The funny character do this. The funny character do that. Aiyo, the funny character is rude etc. But one complaint from a colleague is very soothing and gives me hope. I was not aware that the complaint went directly to my boss's boss and I only found out a few days later from another boss.

Shah suffered by sitting next to this funny character. That is not including answering questions and chatting. In just 20 minutes he moved to a place far enough he can call it solace. He was there witnessing my ordeal. He raised a complaint because he cares about me. I was damn touched when I hear this.

"Boss. That funny character is too much. Can you see how Jino was treated? Jino deserves better than this. This is not fair to Jino."

Thanks my friend Shah.

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