Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Let's start the new year...

... with a quick selfie~

The new year starts with the price reduction of kangkung. Bravo Malaysia government!!! Our lives depend on kangkung!!! Very soon your kangkung scheme will replace our MYR currency.

Thailand is politically unstable at the moment but who knows what will happen in April? Hopefully every thing will be fine during Songkran. What're my targets in Songkran? I don't have to tell, do I?

Starting 2014, my job description has a drastic change which I doubt I can cope. From a normal customer service consultant I evolved into many other roles, mostly unwillingly. If I may say, I currently deal the tasks of a team manager cum trainer but the company pays me slightly higher than new hires who work here lesser than a month. When I say slightly it means SLIGHTLY higher than a new hire. Not to mention the pay cut starting 2014 in lieu with the company global standards lol. And then Malaysia government announced the price reduction of kangkung!!! Wow so much oh "help"!!!

I find life is so difficult, especially the iPhone 4 is constantly showing its tantrum. And then gym membership which I promised myself since 2012. Which is a better show off? A good body or a good phone? Dilemma.

Not that I have any financial difficulty I cannot afford both. I just find life is depressing at times. Just need someone to pat my back and give me encouragement to continue my life. Now I am done with my random rant. Signing off~

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