Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I am still waiting...

... for the impossible.

Dear FY,

None would have thought I bought 2 tickets for the same movie. I do not think you you would expect me to do this, am I right?

1 seat for myself. I left another seat vacant for the some one I have been waiting.

You said to meet up at 8 p.m.. 2 hours past and you did not pick up my call. You only turned up 3 hours later. I doubt you remember? But you were worth waiting and you knew just with my excitement that night.

What I am doing now is to enjoy the little memories we have left to each other while waiting the time to create more memories.

Time passes...

Dear FY,

Waiting is a pain in the ass. But so long I still have place in your heart, waiting is ok.

Perhaps one day I will have the courage to stop waiting and make my 1st move.

When will I have that courage?


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