Sunday, October 19, 2014

I am further away from you

Dear FY,

You have not wished me yet. But it's ok. I really wish you would remember my birthday and I do not mind a late wish.

I am sorry I keep eating and neglect my diet plan. Unless I work harder, you will not see my six packs. I made my birthday wish this year and it is "I do not want to disappoint you".

 Late dinner at The Ship

Wich Day Cafe waffle

Tous les Jours Chocolate Devil

Tokyo Don, Pavilion

One of the dishes in Bukit Tinggi, Pahang

Ni Hon Kai with mama 

My mama is very picky with sashimi and she likes this a lot

Sushi Tei secretly with a friend in Setia Walk

Satay Station, Sri Petaling - super expensive and fattening

Rakuzen, Publika with Firdaus and Khai

Mad about Coco, Publika with the same gang

Strangers at 47 with the same people

Thanks for the birthday cake and special thanks to the cute delivery boy

Dear FY,

I wish...


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