Saturday, November 8, 2014

Quick Singapore visit

Dear FY,

I had this guy who treated me very well at the beginning of my gay life. He was with me momentarily when I explored this world on my own. Though we did not enter into relationship phase, he managed to "educate" me on how a love life should be.

Those nights were still fresh in my mind. He cooked me dinner when I visited his place. The first guy who cooked me a proper meal was him. That was our first dating.

The last dating was memorable too. We bought a DVD and watched in his room. The movie was "17". We hugged and watched to the end. I dozed off on his shoulder till the dawn.

That was our last...

He moved to Singapore for better opportunity and somehow we have lost contact. After I deleted my Facebook once, I could never contact him anymore. We do not have any mutual friend. I tried leaving him messages in his blog but it was obvious he stopped blogging. I dropped him emails but it was obvious too he changed his email. I sent him messages in whatsapp but that was obviously futile as he uses a new Singaporean number. I tried looking for him in Facebook with name search but no... his name never pop up.

When my birthday was around the corder, I would remember him. His birthday is few days after mine. I repeatedly look for him for few years.


I almost cried when I saw the comments he left on my friend's wall. After 5 years I manage to talk to him again.

Dear FY,

He was the only reason I went to Singapore this time. Just wanted to hold his hands briefly again and had selfie we never had back then. Hope you do not mind what I did in Singapore.


[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

 Overnight in the airport till boarding

Dinner at Dolce Tokyo

Lunch with him - Kith Cafe. My trip is completed.

High tea - Turkish Kebab and Rainbow cake, Medzs

田鸡 congee as dinner - G7 Chinatown

Very quickly back to Changi Airport.