Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Project 55.5 - countdown 68 days

Dear FY,

All this while I had been wrong about her. I guess coming out to her on my sexuality has taken a toll on our relationship. I studied hard so that I don't lose to my brother. We stay under the same roof. I inherited part of her DNA. However the obvious favouritism and stereotype crushed my ego. 

She does not recognise my definition of success. I am compared to my blood brother; career, family and finance.

All you do is wasting time.
You have no future working there.
You are becoming like your dad. 使家精。

You can't afford a house. No you can't! I don't want to pay your house with my "coffin money".

The month after, she withdrew MYR 50k for my brother's second house. She calls this investment. Yes I am jealous. Jealous of the positive acknowledgement she showered my brother. Jealous of her supportive moves on my brother's desire. On the other hand here I sulk about her favouritism. It's never in my nature to be looked down by anyone. I couldn't stand the double standard. It's painful to endure.

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