Monday, July 4, 2016

Third month

Dear Kizzai

I am never the perfect lover in the world.

I love garlic and onion.
I love durian.
I am still close to my ex.
I am not good in explaining.
I fall asleep very quickly.
I start to snore.
I bite fingernails.
I complain a lot on bad food.
I hate medicine.
I am always busy and tired.

To accept is not the same as to tolerate.

Though you have not accepted my flaws entirely, I must be grateful you are tolerating me.

Before I forget, it's best to write this down. We had a night of rough ride in Genting, thanks to the complimentary night stay. Then we celebrated Independence Day in Sunway GSC. Not a fancy celebration with you but I enjoy spending time with you.

Thank you dear. Happy 3 months.

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