Friday, July 8, 2016

Your birthday... important.

Dear Kizzai,

I could not plan much earlier 'coz I did not know your plan on your birth day.

Celebrate with family. That's your plan and nothing was definite till that day. This was what you said. Not knowing when you were free, where you would be, what time would you finish celebrating with family, yet you were not happy 'coz I had no plan. Stunned...

Anyway I am grateful you spare half a day for us. It took me only an hour to plan, thanks to my helpful colleagues.

Me : Can you suggest me a fine dining place?
DC : A lot. Do you want the ambiance or the food?
Me : His taste bud isn't great. Any food is good for him. Ambiance is more memorable.
DC : Marini is good. Marble is good. Lafit is good.
VT : What is your budget?
Me : No budget. Give me a place and I will call for reservation.

After discussion, we've settled on Grand Hyatt's Thirty8 at 8.30 p.m.. Then I rushed to the nearest salon for my hair cut. Finally, movie reservation.

Happy birthday dear.

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