Saturday, August 15, 2009

A trip closer to your life

Malaysia. I return only because I miss my family and friends here.

If you bother to mention me in your blog, then I will gladly reply the courtesy by doing the same. Kenji is one of a kind. He is the first friend that I meet as a blogger. A Malaysian who studies in Vancouver, he is very friendly and talkative at the same time. Sometimes I kill my time chatting with him. Though we've met only twice, I am not sure why, his first impression was so respectable that I felt honoured knowing him and I respect him.

Anyway back to Kampar:

First Day (13 Aug)

If it's not Soon Siew Choo to delay the lab test, I would have departed in wee morning. Her undemocratic decision caused me an afternoon journey. North-South Highway was an easy route but with the heavy rain and blur windscreen, it was another story all over. 210 minutes were long enough to reach UTAR Kampar, which included 100km/h, constant rain and dark sky in addition of lost direction several times looking for the proper highway. Nevertheless it was my furthest journey, emerged champion after Sekinchan.

Jino: Saya pelajar UTAR dari KL, datang nak cari lecturer untuk FYP.
Guard 1: You datang buat apa?
Jino: Cari Dr. Teh untuk bincang pasal FYP. Sudah buat appointment. (Cock lies)
Guard 2: Dari KL? Macam mana you datang?
Jino: Dengan kereta la. (The conversation took place when I was still in the car. Dumbasses)
Guard 1: So you ada surat dari lecturer?
Jino: Surat? Takde, kami guna email. (More lies)
Guard 1: Mana boleh macam ni? Sepatutnya ada surat kasi tau sama kami baru kami tau siapa you.
Jino: Dia tak sebut pulak pasal surat. Kami guna email sebab saya dari KL.
Guard 2: Tunggu kejap saya call office.
Jino: Ooo ok. (Shit! I am doomed)
Guard 2: *Waited awhile* Takde orang jawap call la.
Jino: Ooo ya ka? (Relieved)
Guard 1: Sampai bila you mau cari itu lecturer?
Jino: Kejap saja. Lepas habis cakap pasal FYP saya balik la. Sebab kena bincang pasal tu hari ni, kalau tak saya tak boleh start project. Next sem saya akan datang balik tiap-tiap hari.
Guard 1: Then pukul brapa you balik?
Jino: Lebih kurang 5.30 macam tu la. Paling lewat pun pukul 6. (I knew very well I am not leaving till 7 p.m.)
Guard 1: *Swing his hand asked me to enter*
Jino: Tak payah register ka?
Guard 1: Masuk cepat balik cepat.
Jino: Ok ok. *left the guard house*

The conversation sent my time and petrol wasted. I had hard time entering the campus even though I am a UTAR student myself. Dumb uni with tight security.

Walking in the campus looking blur and lost made me a jackass. One glance and everyone knows I am not a student there. Thinking of how to waste 2 hours in an unfamiliar campus, I spread out messages to those I know studying there. Of 6 people, only Sunny replied. We finally met for the first time after knowing each other for 3 years. And I bumped into Edward mainly because he was very eye-attractive at that time. He was standing on a chair in the canteen making funny movements to some students whom I believe are freshmen. We didn't have chance to chat though.

The night was pretty dull and boring. I was asked to attend a meeting but I refused. Instead I laid my ass on a chair in Insommia, hoping to crack something out of Restaurant City. Unfortunately the cc was so poor they didn't install the proper plug-in. However, I get to know that Vincent Chieng and Joshua are studying in UTAR as well. Probably I would meet them next day. And oh yeah Choon Khen finally added me in MSN. More importantly, Eileen called and we chatted for quite long. In the end I offered to send her to uni tomorrow morning, meanwhile hoping to take the chance as a meet up session.

I remembered I was alone that night. He was studying 'coz he had Microbiology test next morning. While I agreed to resort his housemates request - proofread their assignments. Their basics in English is 'splendid', I abandoned my Immunology chapter 6 to have one assignment done in less than a night.

As the night went 'high', the condom I bought earlier was left untouched.

Second day (14 Aug)

Eileen's going to UTAR by herself. That's what I was told. Meaning that I missed the chance of meeting her. Goodbye Eileen.

Expecting Edwin's class to end at 12, I was suppose to meet the remaining friends within the short period. Pei Zhi, See Jeit, Edward, Joshua, Vincent Chieng, Helena. Perhaps we had no fate. The next class was unexpectedly canceled. Yea can go home early. Goodbye my friends. I was not able to meet you all and that's a great loss. However, it was such a coincidence Nicholas Wong managed to slap me in the face before we left the campus. In conclusion, I could only meet 3 people out of 9.

While screeching to old town, I caught a glimpse of the advertisement "Taste the goodness of CB". I choked in laughter but couldn't snap a picture of it. I took the chance to have my haircut in Razor. Same request all the time - cincai, do as you wish, I let you expand your creativity. Throughout the session she complained a lot about my thick hair and my laziness. And the result of RM 15:

Look better than the previous coconut head

As the sun started falling we had G.I. Joe in Kinta City. 90% computer graphics but it wasn't half bad. At the very least Storm Shadow kept my eyes opened.

Taken outside Kinta City

Driving back to Kampar was indeed scary at night. The curvy roads without street lights burdened me who have bad eye-sight. The surrounding was pitch black, flashes of cars can cause me dizziness. Adding salt to injury, MY FM had to play 思念是一中病. Oh ya MY FM in Ipoh is 100.6! Thanks to me, I am strong and accident never has its chance.

Have a look at the weak light that shone the path

To wrap up the night, we had lok lok as dinner. The price looked seducing - RM 0.60 per stick. KL? RM 1.20. We checked out the empty funfair too.

What is my Yoda doing here look pretty?

Lok lok ^^

I wonder how are his housemates going to repay me. After finished proofreading the last assignment, I intended to rest early but I let the nature took its course. No matter how perfect the day was, an argument was the final touch. To not spoil the trip any further, a simple apology was the trick.

The night was 'high' again, and my condom was again left untouched.

Third Day (15 Aug)

When my eyes opened, he was not beside me anymore. But I knew very well he cannot run away. Based on the fragrance from the kitchen, I knew he's cooking my lunch. It's still considered a bliss even if the beloved one prepare you a tasteless mihun ^^. - edited and added 17 August 2009

After buying a rice cooker at nearby shop, I reluctantly headed back KL where studies awaiting. To save a drop of petrol, I travelled back topless and without air-cond. Gosh! The wind entering through the window definitely felt good on my body. - edited and added 17 August 2009

I enjoyed my days in Kampar very much. In these few days I can observe how your life there is. Without proper dinner, proper sleep, proper care. I am sorry I cannot accompany you 'coz I have to graduate without delay. Deep in my heart I know you are strong and you can make it for me. I am waiting for you.

p/s: I did not bring back any strawberry and curry chicken on my body so stop checking me! - edited and added 17 August 2009

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