Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wrong words

Straightforward, free of ambiguity cut a lot of unnecessary craps. Bla bla bla~

Yet we have the tendency to only take in good words and compliments which may be cheap lies, so as to gain self satisfaction and motivation to keep living. At the same time we reject opinions and comments that oppose our pride and belief. If my English is only a slight better, I should able to recall the proper word for this kind of people.

What these people like ourselves hate the most are the people like ourselves who is straight. Or flimsy if it can substitute straight.

The ultimate peril of these straight and flimsy people is the inability to bend words and putar belit the truth.

Sadly I inherit the straightness from my mum.

One wrong word and he is offended.

Wrong way of expressing inner thought would cause a cold war.

Even when writing this, there will be people to find my words rather rude and offensive.

Be it love or friendship or seniority, let's face the fact that people are present oriented imbeciles deaf to the language of truth. We lie to hide. Honesty is destruction. Worse, we clean some shoes to achieve certain goals. Honesty and straightforwardness may need a twist to ease things up. Is this how we get things done or is this just life?

Speaking of which, I am a man of no word. Maybe I should just shut up and stop talking to avoid making things worse, agree?

Here I thought I've learned my lesson, which clearly I did not. I repeat the mistakes again.

Word's a double edged sword and might inflict injuries on the user himself. No, let's not speak unless you are razor sharp in the brain. You might just hurt someone without realizing. Shame.

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot