Monday, March 15, 2010

He lost both. I replace both...

It's been awhile I wasn't wearing anything on my fingers. With lame excuses, he never admit his wrongdoing for losing them. Whoever wear couple rings before 5 years maturity of a relationship, the couple will not last. For the future and our betterment, I am doing good by loosing the rings. It's outrageous and I beg to differ. More often than not, I hate the guy who says this. If you think it is sweet and touching, if you care so much of that myth and what legends, might as well you marry the whoever who dare putting such nonsense to phrase. /pissed. We are together for this long yet there's nothing common in us which when people see will immediately notice our relationship. I easily feel jealous when a friend put a ring on his partner's finger on Valentine. Another strong reason is by looking at the ring, strangers especially plu will immediately notice his unavailability and hopefully will not approach him. Though not overly effective, you can say it's more like an azimat halau hantu. I stretch out both my hands straight to the sky and look at them with the sun behind my palm. I don't see my ring. Not anymore.

Several weeks ago, an image of a ring painted red suddenly flashed through me. It looks very familiar to some degree but alas, I couldn't remember where I saw it. Can it be from some shops? Some one who's wearing it walked pass me? Online? Or was it just a dream when I saw that ring? Talking to myself is the first sign of insanity. But that aside, the more I imagine, the prettier it becomes.

That being said, I asked around MSN mates to gather info of the ring's whereabout but no one has come across it. Couldn't hide my disappointment, I walked around few malls despite all the on going midterms, hoping to find a similarity in mind. I've exhausted all keywords in Google. A great deal of time had passed yet my effort was of 'coz, not paid off. Going by that sound, it makes me think that we have no fate.

Or maybe not. During the meeting with William, I glanced shyly at his finger. Yes. There's no mistake. It was shining brightly as he swung his hand, diverting most of my attention on his finger. The red paint on the ring was as attractive as I had imagined. Apparently that ring comes from Japan. USD 26.64. The design sure looks nice as the price is. It's elegant. Beautiful. I love it. Then again, I couldn't find anything close to it around KL.

Thus, I made more walks in several malls to fill the emptiness on my finger and eventually come to these. Simple. Personal preference. The rings may be common but there are times I believe it is simplicity that the beauty becomes prominent. They are completely opposite of what I want from the red ring - attention.

While I was looking forward to engraving, they turned out very disappointing. After hours of walking from Petaling Street to Central Market to Times Square and Sg Wang then Low Yat then Pavilion then Shaw Parade, I am not at all satisfied with the outcome. After all the money spent, the rings are... There was raging desire to throw them away but... Don't cry over spilled milk. What's done is done and I was trying very hard to be positive.

Me and Nicholas were contributing ideas of how to surprise the owner of the ring. We manage to come out with some good ideas but if it wasn't bear's big mouth, the surprise wouldn't ruin >.<. He likes surprises, you know? Anyway me and him had a good laugh over the incident haha.

Please take good care this time. Good things don't come twice. Hopefully the rings will stand the test of time - they are designed to meet this purpose provided he doesn't lose the ring again. Or he's gonna pay dearly for that.

Happy White Day.

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