Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Why must cakes be sweet?

This could be an overdue post only recently was inspired to write, however. On the 13th of March, of certain reasons we didn't get into Alice and her wonderland but instead Pikey, Bear and Nicholas together with me and Edwin landed our asses in Midvalley Secret Recipe - to kill some time.

Each of them picked their choices: Pecan Butterscotch, Durian Cheese, Chocolate Indulgence and Marble Cheese. Other than Marble Cheese, the rest were overly sweet and utterly yucky to me. Scratching my head to make a choice, I opened my mouth few times to speak but ended up only spewing silence. There are things that people will do even though they know it's pointless. No matter how pointless it is, they must do it in order to collect themselves. Even if it is a useless waste of energy, the action will be repeated. I am out of options. Now, I have to say it.

Do you guys take fiber cake?
NO!!! answered four of them unanimously and almost simultaneously only Nicholas sided me (edited and added 01 April 2010).
Why not? It's less sweet and close to tasteless.
That's why!

When such a perception becomes a reality, you have a clear challenge to change. Overpowered, I gave up the idea of sweetless dessert, my finger randomly landed on Chocolate Banana. Haiz... Diabetes!!!

Gazing at the peach coloured sky, I can't help to question my great sense of taste. Putting it a bit more bluntly, I am weird. 'Coz I lose my sweet tooth a decade ago. Don't get me wrong, I can never get enough eye candies.

I would really appreciate cake makers who satisfy our lust for something different. Let's try some bitter or sour cakes, shall we? They could sound very different and new and... weird as well.

But seriously, isn't there anyone on my side? Urghh!

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