Tuesday, February 14, 2012

One way up, same way down

Finally the time had come to stretch my muscle (a bit if not too much) after long absence from gym - thanks to Mel for organizing the U6BF Broga Hillwalking Expedition.

My mates were questioning my attire for the day - a grey Polo shirt, a pair of black bermudas and a pair of SLIPPERS. Are you going to KLCC or Petaling street? True. Of hundreds people there, none wore slippers like me. Equipped with only an Apple in my hand, perhaps I underestimated the challenge to conquer the summit?


Broga Hill does not possess too much risk or difficulties to conquer. Hardly broke a sweat upon reaching the top was a solid proof. The only reason I dirtied my pants was when I rested on the rock while waiting for the sun to rise. Maybe the real challenge was to pose and look natural for the camera session? No wonder I fail as a model. Or maybe the test was to stand the cold morning breeze with empty stomach and dry throat?

Taken with my Apple

From Phon's album (added on 21 February 2012)

Pardon the pictures if you find the above pictures suck. I am not a photographer but a biochemist who work in a bank. Though I don't shoot good photos, I am still a man, mind you!

Due to time constraint and hungry stomachs, we did not step foot on every peak. We ended the journey with trailing down the hill and lunch at Pedas-pedas Restaurant. The time with them wasn't long. I was so sleepy and quiet due to lack of sleep. Nevertheless, I certainly enjoyed the moment they shared with me. Thanks.

Happy Valentines Day. MUACKS!!!

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