Sunday, December 16, 2012

Quarter 4 of 2012

It's clear I have been missing in action for real long. This is a combination of several overdue posts and current events; just exactly slackers like me always do.



Birthday celebration is seriously my least favourite agenda of the year. Ever since I removed my date of birth from every social network, to my relief no one remembers my birthday. No Facebook, SMS and Whatsapp spamming. There are less than 5 people who remember my birthday while another 10 were informed 'coz they are important to me. What can I expect? Not even my family realized my birthday had passed.

Generally, my October weekends were filled with food and food, in the name of birthday celebration.

09 October 2012 - Ho Ho Steamboat, Sri Petaling with Khai.

10 October 2012 - Choong Huat Steamboat, Cheras with Bin Bin & Dragon Steamboat with Huskii.

12 October 2012 - Birthday e-card

12 October 2012 - Suki-ya, Pavilion with Max.

27 October 2012 - Secret Recipe, Leisure Mall with Boon.
This was my only birthday cake for 2012. I may have lost my sweet tooth, but this boy is so sweet to buy me a birthday cake and I cannot declined his treat.

27 October 2012 - Victoria Station, Jalan Ampang with Max.
Honestly speaking, the Victoria Station in Jalan Ampang is seriously lacking food quality, ambiance and customer service. I was really not happy with the meal that day. Please visit the outlet in PJ if you insist on Victoria Station.



November was a month I saw extreme changes in DarkSac. He now runs 12% faster than he previously could. His HP doubled. He has a new attire. He has the highest survival rate in all dungeons. And most importantly, he has a gift pet named after the fattest cat, BuBuii. The only part of DarkSac remained unchanged is his insignificant damage output.

I can never grow bored with DarkSac, for I have invested a lot of my time and concentration on him. Of 'coz my mum is not happy with how I tolerated my health into computer games. But... oh well.

I love playing support because I get to save and help out my team mates. But I hate when they get multi kills thanks to me and don't even say thanks.



Wedding is a complicated procedure to be together with the one you temporary love. Few years later the quality of love deteriorates and another complicated procedure is proposed. What was it again? Ah, yes!!! Divorce!!! On a lighter note, some people never divorce; either they are too dumb or they died too early.

It's my brother's wedding but I cannot imagine myself busy for him every weekends in December. You are right. Every weekend in December was his wedding. It's not even my wedding!!! And what're my rewards? Scolding and humiliation...

I wish you both happily ever after.

My latest look.


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