Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Chatime and courage

The plan was to deliver Chatime back to office as requested by many colleagues who were desperate to quench their thirst on the sunny day. As I stepped my foot out from the office, our eyes met. He was standing on one leg in his red skinny jeans and black jacket while puffing smoke out his mouth.

Who is he, you ask?

Among ourselves, he has a code name "Twilight". He is one of the managers from different processes and only manager who, on the entire floor, dyes his hair bright red, has pierced ears and numerous accessories on his body. By far he is the lala among the managers I know. Fair skin, undercut hair style, trendy fashion have never fail to capture my attention. Not to mention he is too young to be a manager. I am confident Orange will like this kind of guy.

From the loneliness in the working atmosphere, I began taking "mistresses" from many processes. One in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia respectively. "Twilight" is my mistress from Canada process, the most good looking among them all.

Do I know him? Not personally. We walked pass each other mostly, while I try not to stare at him for too long. I have no reason and opportunity to approach him. 

Does he know me? No. We have never exchange word on any occasion.

My heart raced when I saw him at the entrance. He was leaning against the wall with his legs crossed, you get what I mean? A ciggerate in his left hand did not turn me away. I stopped 2 feet away, for a moment that felt forever. We have never been his close any longer than 5 seconds. When he noticed my presence, he too began to look at me.

That was when I broke the silence...

I am going to Chatime now. Perhaps you would be interest to place an order?

No thanks. I am ok.

In a very cool manner he declined my offer. He did not break his composure and continued smoking. I am not surprised why he was not caught by the sudden offer. Maybe he has got used to offers and invitation from guys. It would be more surprising if he accepts my offer, right? The biggest yield from the offer that day was the smile on his face. Something I will not simply get just by walking pass him.

I have not felt satisfaction from such daring move in many years. I felt young again. Now I have reason to smile at him whenever we meet. Hey, I am not drunk! I was bored, hoping things like this can spice up the day.

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