Saturday, February 9, 2013

Pre Chinese New Year Celebration 1


Chinese New Year, to me is just another "holiday". A week of sedentary lifestyle plus sinful meals make the "holiday" tiring than usual. I won't be able to button up my 28" jeans after Chinese New Year!!! Hate Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year, to me is not days to collect red packets. My family and relatives, who believe "red packet is gimmick" do not put money in red packets. It will be surprising if I can collect total more than 20 bucks from them. To you, my friends, the amount I collect could be only 1% of your total red packets. Red packet is never my concern on Chinese New Year. I envy you, but it doesn't matter.

Chinese New Year, to you could be the only days to meet relatives. To me, I would rather work and chat with customers who know nothing about my relatives. Relatives, are blood related people who know nothing about my past and present stories. That is why I choose to work on Chinese New Year and skip all the relatives gathering. Hypocrites.

I am not lonely. I simply vent my frustration on the eve 'coz I don't get to work on Chinese New Year!!!

Date: 02 February 2013
Venue: Sui Yu San, Ampang Korean Village
Event: Syok sendiri 收工餐 1
Attendance: Jino and Max
Damage: MYR 111.00

Am I satisfied with the meal? Hell, yes!!!

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