Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Holidays end too quickly (Part 1)

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Dear FY,

Every staff has to take a mandatory two weeks of paid leave every year. It's the company policy and I like this idea a lot. There is nothing more satisfying than momentarily smirking to colleagues and bosses while bidding them goodbye. But did I mention it's painful to prepare the handover before leaving? Really. There are many tasks I failed to delegate and that's my area of development. Oh did I also not mention it's gruesome to learn all the bad news when returning to work?

In these 14 days I recuperate from numerous wounds. At the same time I gained a few pounds around my waist and thigh.

9th October - Saisaki
I know this place does not have the best sashimi or sushi and I am lying if I am not the least bothered. You know what? The companion that night was fantastic. Thank you.

10th October - Sushi Zento
This place serves 6 thick fresh salmon at only MYR 28++. We did not have the budget to explore the menu much, but my mum was definitely thrilled with the salmon. I am glad I brought her to the right place. Thank you.

11th, 12th and 13th October - Genting
I have been part of his membership pool for close to 10 years and for once Uncle Lim gave me 2 night stay in his hotel for free. The food was scarce in the jungle and the price was as high as its peak. Uncle Lim cheated MYR 20 out of my pocket in his golden labyrinth. Apart from sleeping in cold weather, Genting has not been attractive. Yea? No selfie? Yea I did not take any selfie in Genting and I am amazed myself.

The only highlight in the mountain was to run into my friend and we celebrated my birthday with Starbucks and cold breeze.

13th, 14th and 15th October - Kampar and Ipoh
This time around, FY, I came here to meet my friend. Honest be told, the days were nothing more interesting than Genting. Maybe there's one thing worth writing. We ran into his cute friends dressed in orange and sky blue trunks in Tambun hot spring. They really caught my eye. Hmm... impressive physique and attractive bulges. 

Dear FY,

39 days...

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