Saturday, October 31, 2015

Holidays end too quickly (Part 2)

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Dear FY,

In this holiday I met 3 weird characters who spoke on how they like and love me. We went out separately for quick chat and I thought the first meets should be ice breaker. Well, they had intention to build their future with me which left me in shock. They claimed I was the type of guy they like : well-organised, gentleman and gracious? Here I thought they were desperate for a quickie but heck I was wrong. They persistently text and ring me every day to chat with me. Nothing about sex, surprisingly. I could understand if one of them is weird. but to have 3 of them seemed to be untrue so I rejected all of them. I thought it's best to stay till 30 at my current state.

16th October - Bankara and Sweet Beans
It never goes wrong to meet someone for lunch in the city. After picking up my Visa, we had a quick lunch with him in Avenue K and passed him the souvenir from Ipoh. The day ended with sesame paste and black glutinous rice as desserts without dinner.

19th October - Sushi Zento and Coffea Coffee
Since I was had good experience in the previous visit, I returned to savour the moment. That time I was alone and barely able to finish it.

Ice blended cinnamon chocolate, as the name implies, has the chocolate well blended with the right portion of cinnamon. I can't believe I write this pointless point. Anyway I was here that night to meet an old friend who lives close by. 

21st October - Sang Kaya
Another day wasted, alone. No proper meal for the day so I compensate with these.

22nd October - Blood test and Madam Kwan
You probably do not know. I AM AFRAID OF NEEDLES! After my blood was drawn, I rested 10 minutes or more before I could move again. Oh what test was this? STD and liver function.

Since I was damn hungry for fasting, I thought of Nihon Kai nearby but it wasn't opened yet. Looked for Burger Lab and it wasn't open for lunch. It was disappointing to learn OWL Cafe was closed too! Drove for Rekindled and Standing Theory in PJ, but Waze never seems to be reliable. All these unproductive time spent on the road brings me to Midvalley. Madam Kwan? Alone. Really?

Dear FY,

36 days...

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