Sunday, May 1, 2011

Newly added - Pizza Hut

Allow me to briefly outline my dining experience in one of the many Pizza Hut outlets.

Name: Jino Lim
Brand: Pizza Hut
State: Wilayah Persekutuan
Location: Sri Petaling
Date of Visit: 04/27/2011
Time of Visit: Dinner (6 pm to 9 pm)
Type of Visit: Dine In
Subject: Others - Customer Service
To whom it may concern,

My main concern in writing this today is to channel my feedback on my dining experience as of above.

When I locked my car and dashed to your door, the sky was pouring so heavily that I can't help to be severely drenched. As I stepped into your restaurant, I noticed two of your staff were standing near the take-away counter. Perhaps the temperature was much colder inside that the staff fail to display the warmth and comfort I needed. Greetings, or at least a fake smile would do a bit of magic. Truth to be told, it didn't bother me, yet.

I climbed the stairs to the first floor where the dining area was. I was very sure 20 tables at the least were empty. Two staff were stationed at the cashier counter. My mum and I chose a table visible from all angles. I waved for their presence on the assumption that to cater to our orders and needs were their reasons there. Then one of the ladies at the counter walked towards my direction. When I was ready to place my order for the day, she walked pass my table and stopped to look out of the window pane. She returned to the counter and walked pass my table without looking at me or my mum.

Perhaps she did not notice my hand earlier. Both the ladies seemed to enjoy their chat and laughter at the counter. Instantly, I made my second wave. That time, I was confident that the same lady saw my signal because she looked at my direction for more than 5 seconds. To my surprise, she turned her head to her colleague and they burst out laughing.

Though not satisfied with the way they responded, I raised my hand again to attract their attention without losing my composure. The same lady, 'seemed' to understand my needs, walked to my direction. The difference was, this time there were menus in her hand. We knew what we wanted so a menu wouldn't make a difference. When I thought I saw hope, she changed her direction and placed the menus three tables away from ours. Let's not get hysterical, but the table was empty! She then returned to the counter.

To summarize the above, we were left unattended for more than 20 minutes. No menu were presented, let orders taken. Do you now understand the origin of my frustration?

In terms of customer service, this is rated poor offer of assistance. Not only the staff failed to display their professionalism, their ignorance has blinded their alertness and competence as well. I can comprehend that patience is needed during peak hours. However, such service was totally unexpected from a major restaurant such as Pizza Hut when there were only three out of 20 tables occupied. 

If you are reading this today, I believe that my frustration has not fallen on deaf ears.

I may not be categorized as your loyal customer. However, as a patron who felt insulted for such incident to occur in the competitive industry, I hope that the management can look into this matter seriously not solely for the satisfaction of a customer, but your reputation as a leading pizza chain in the country as well.

After much disappointment, you will need tremendous improvement to regain my confidence in your brand. You do not want customers to pay 10% of their bills for service below satisfaction, don't you?

Address: x-x-xx, Jalan x/xxxx, Taman xxx xxx, 57xxx Kuala Lumpur.
Phone Number: 016 - xxx xxxx (Hand Phone)
Email Address:

Feedback was forwarded around 10 p.m. the same day via official portal.

Surprisingly, someone rang the next morning. A short conversation took place at 11.37 a.m..

Nizam: Good morning. May I speak to Mr. Lim?
Jino: You're speaking to Jino Lim.
Nizam: Good morning, Mr. Lim. My name is Nizam, the manager of operation of Pizza Hut Klang Valley. You sent us a complaint that you were unhappy with the service at our branch in Sri Petaling, right?
Jino: Hi Nizam, how are you? Thank you so much for calling me back. Honestly I do not expect a response. Well, you have read my mail and that's what I experienced.
Nizam: First of all, Mr. Lim, I apologize for what you had through yesterday. We regret to have such event during your visit. I will relate this issue to the branch manager there and we will highlight the problems together. I assure you that disciplinary action will be taken against the staff on duty according to investigation result. We will also review our current training plan to ensure our staff are professionally educated.
Jino: I am not interested on your course of action, nor am I looking for compensation from your end. All I hope is the issue in the feedback to be looked after. No one will enjoy this, not with their growling stomachs. In my opinion, customer service is as equally important as your products. Worry not., Nizam. You may lose me as a customer today. But I am confident that if you can boost your staff's work attitude, no doubt your business will move to a higher level.
Nizam: Thank you very much for your comment, Mr. Lim. We appreciate all your time and your feedback is compiled in database.
Jino: Thank you very much for replying. Have a nice day.

As a result of incompetent staff, Pizza Hut made an entry into my banned list. Now that McD and Pizza Hut are forbidden, I have more reasons to stay healthy.

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