Wednesday, August 13, 2014

For You, FY

The blog first started with my rant in school and dissatisfaction with certain parties. If you still remember what Friendster was, you can probably recall the blog and its signature comment spamming. Facebook replaced the once popular Friendster and I stopped spamming comments. I redirected the blog over here anyway. Whew~ so long ago.

Not knowing that blog is actually a public viewing site, I wrote a long thought and did not expect any one to come across my story. Obviously the next morning people asked if I need help or if I am ok etc.

Moving forward I posted my blog with general public as target. I want the readers to know exactly how I feel and what I have gone through.

Oh~ the time has changed.

This time my target reader is only you. For You (FY). Not Fuck You ok?

Why the change?

'Coz you are the person I really wish to read my thoughts. I hope one day if I were to have amnesia you will be here to tell the tales of my past.

Dear FY

I do not want to  exagerate my feeling to you. I did not miss you as much as I claim. Honest be told we hardly speak to each other 'coz you are a busy man. Our difference set us so distanced I can hardly feel you. Most of the time you were irresponsive to my texts and I almost gave up.

What I have left from you are pictures and memories in the form of words I posted somewhere in this blog.

Till last night... you really surprised me.

Do you think you wanna finish off where we left off before?

I thought you have forgotten. I thought that moment was so dark you do not want to remember. Certainly this is not what I expect to hear but you really made my night.

Dear FY

I am not sure if you still come to this site. Seriously, I have no clue. It does not matter though. 'Coz I already know...

... that I am someone to you.

Can't wait to see you again.


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