Saturday, August 16, 2014

His big day does not start well

Dear FY,

I am sure you are not asleep at this hour. You are not replying my texts again. It does not matter. Somehow I  know you only reply either in wee morning or in the darkest night.

You know what?

Today is his day. The day should start with bak kut teh at 8 a.m.. I had a nice scolding from him for not waking him up. Well, I overslept too... He is throwing his tantrum and refuse to do anything.

If I knew this would happen, I could have hit the gym first. The morning is not productive, FY. I feel so guilty.

He invited a bunch of friends for dinner tonight and he expected me to organize it this morning. Hello? He knows where he wanna eat. He has the head count. I know nothing about his plan 'coz he did not discuss with me. I may not have a good itinerary. And I certainly did not expect 10 people joining us. It is fine that he has his thought but I think it is too late? Now that the restaurant is full tonight, he is not happy. Is he trying to blame me for being incompetent?

Dear FY,

I am confident the story does not stop here. Hugs.


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