Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Take my shirt off please~

Dear FY,

You may have not seen it, but I have grown at least 2 kg heavier than we last met. To make things worse the mass was mostly fat and more fat!!!

It was difficult to decide on finance or good body, as I am bad with both.

My brain was not thinking so the dick took over. My intention is to look presentable in your eyes. Nothing else.

Dear FY,

After the session yesterday my arms were so sore I could hardly lift them up. It's 9 a.m.. If I did not make haste I would be late for bus to work. So I asked a stranger a favour.

Me: Can you please take my shirt off please?
Stranger: ???!!!

No sexual fantasy, FY. I was seriously desperate to take my shower and I could not have done it without a helping hand. I am sorry FY.


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