Thursday, January 29, 2015

Corporate experience

Dear FY,

My job revolved mainly around my direct manager and my self interest till a year ago. I didn't have to worry how my boss's boss thinks. Other staff did not matter as long as I can go home on time. There's no room for work when I am home. Never had I thought of returning to office to finish my work.

Well... that was a year ago.

My boss's mood swing can kill. There are 7 colleagues now I need to work with. I am managing a team of 10 staff where their performance and discipline are my responsibility. Not to mention I have daily routine to entertain 90 other staff which is not part of my job scope or responsibility. 

A staff of other team look for me for leave approval. I have to look into it.
A staff asked me questions on procedure. I have to follow up in the end?
My team member is sick and did not turn up to work. I have to check on her.
I picked up the phone and other team member is sick. I have to check him out.
That girl is in toilet for 20 minutes. I have to find out why.
This guy has given wrong advise. Why am I saying sorry to customer, not his manager?

Within a year, a pea size salary increment had me dealing so many people. Returning to office on weekend is part of routine 'coz of my incompetence.

I am an introvert in nature and I should not be dealing with so many people to begin with. Decision making is my weakness. Judgement is my area of development.

Why am I here, FY? I feel lost now.

I have not found the satisfaction to come to work. To describe my feeling now, this is exactly how I started in the organization: I hate coming to work.


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