Thursday, February 11, 2016


A curse. A misfortune. That is how most people perceive when one is contracted and tested positive. If I learned that I am positive, I would feel scared, sad or even angry. It's going to be one of the most difficult news to go through in life. The stigma messes our thoughts more often than not.

Relationship isn't easy when positive. It requires honesty, communication, a profound commitment to the relationship. Not to mention a solid and mutual understanding of what they’re committing to.

I met this couple who had been together for 4 years. Yes they are positive. They talked about how they met and got together. The trips they went together. They left home after being disowned. They now own a house in KL. They work together to achieve their dream - go for more vacations. I can imagine the difficult times to be discriminated. But they shook their heads.

"We face the difficulties together" they said while holding the hands.

They made me believe in relationship once again. I learn to see things from the positive end (positive thinking). HIV is no longer a deadly disease. To me, HIV is the medium to build courage to believe. Believe that life is more beautiful when I am in acceptance. Subconsciously I become more forgiving. There is no need to remain denial. My confidence becomes the beauty I lack of. World is more beautiful this way. And most importantly, live a life you will remember.

p/s : I am still HIV- the last I checked in November 2015. - added on 17th February 2016.

Happy Chinese New Year.

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