Tuesday, March 29, 2016


One of the pretty colleagues asked yesterday;

Jino. I notice you are different recently. 

Shit. Sorry I use a cheap toothpaste and now I smell bad.

No! Not that.

I drink too much water that my face looks rounder?

NO!!! I notice that you have lunch every day.

Describe please.

You have a habit to eat on your workstation for lunch. Either you spend your lunch time in the banks or you take quick nap. Yea you hardly have your lunch break.

I notice for the past 2 weeks, at least 2 weeks, you were away every day for lunch.

Err like that also you noticed?

Don't deny, Jino. Are you in relationship?

It's not official, but he calls this dating.


What am I to you?

You don't want to rush to relationship. We are not just friends. So we are more than friends?

I am merely more than friends? !@#$%^&*() 

Trust me, he got so disappointed with my answer. I thought dating is equal to relationship. Can't be helped, can I? Just have to go along with his definition.

On another note, I noticed that there are several readers out there who had been reading this page more often than not. To the readers whom I will not name, thanks for dropping by and making contact. Sorry for procrastinating in the posts, I hadn't had the leisure time after CNY. Shall keep you posted.

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