Friday, April 15, 2016

A bad night

Dear Kizzai,

Most of the time, all I need is someone to say,

"Hey Jino. You did well. Those shit will not matter."

Every one sees me enjoying my food and movie. Presumably I am ok and well. Quite the contrary in reality. No one ever asks if I am. Many times, not the even closest one asks (or bothered to ask).

You've had a long day in Thailand.
You feel tired.
Can't blame you, can I?

While I tried hard not to ruin your trip with my emotions, your words worsened my day instead. The cold treatment that followed - kills.

I didn't manage to complete the movie. I went to a place with better connection, hoping you would reply. My cheeks were wet. 

What have I gotten myself into?

"Hey dear. How's your day today?"
"Hang in there. I'll be back in a snap."
"Nice to know you have friends while I am not around."

I don't need much from you. Words and actions are enough. If you wanna say "ENJOY", say it from your heart. Please.

I do random things in unexpected times. I would have gone for a trip the next day without planning. You might notice I check in in cinemas and cafes and restaurants. Never assume I have fun all the time. Please forgive the way I lead my life. Pardon my selfishness for the misbehave last night. Positively, only through thick and thin, through conversation and food can we grow closer.

Thank you dear.


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