Sunday, February 22, 2009

Jino's bad habit

Habits are routine that a person does often and usually without realizing, especially something that is hard to stop. What I consider a bad habit is behavioral action that is so not normal in the eyes of normal beings, action that is always condemned by people around me.

1. Biting Fingernails

This is the habit developed since I was small, probably because I wasn't given any pacifier. I know I know. Germs...

2. 兰花子

兰花子 is a term used to describe little finger. Neither did I know how this came to me, but I don't like this. Whenever I am holding a cup, eating burger, typing, you will probably see me with 兰花子. It is also said to have linkage with sissy... I am not sissy!!!

I still remember 小白 hit my fingers with chopsticks, bcoz he hates 兰花子 (>.<)

3. Sotong dance
My usual stance when I am idly standing. If you have a chance to make me stand, you would see me move around like a sotong. Moving left to right to left to right to left to right... And some hand movement. Some say it's disgusting. What to do? I just can't stand still. I can continue doing this for many hours. If you cannot tahan with me, offer me a seat then... Maybe this too affects my way of walking? My best partner to practise with: Chuan Shiau Li. Very eye distracting, I know.

p/s: Sotong dance came to me not too long ago, but it definitely is a good exercise for me who lead a sedentary lifestyle. I would probably live longer than any other sedentarents

4. Eye contact
Many complained of my eye contact when I was in Form 6. They said I showed no respect to them 'coz I wasn't looking at them when talking. As if talking to the air, they said.

In fact, I am afraid that whenever I make eye contact, the person can see through my eyes and know what I am thinking. What is there to be found out? Secret. Low confident I am, yes...

Maybe another reason will be because of my ugly face, that they will start puking if they see me too much?

But many also say that I have improved, start having eye contact. Is it true?

5. Sleeping
Starting 2008, my slumber lust for comfy Ultraman or Moo. Otherwise I can't sleep well. Thanks, my nightmare reduced a lot.

But these 2 always escape my hug when I sleep, to fight monster or eat grass somewhere...

Not really a bad habit 'coz many're doing it. There's only difference in gender, so what? Support gender equality!!! Guys can hug dolls too, can't they?

6. Talking alone
Normal people would hum or sing when they are alone but how often have you encounter someone talking to no one but himself? Yes we have 1 in Sri Petaling itself, the king of Sri Petaling (next time snap photo)...

But in my case, when there's no one around me (at home, in the car, walking an empty alley), I will start talking aloud to myself. Ask question to myself and answer myself. Syok sendiri? Probably able to generate ideas for my assignments and presentations.

I thought no one would realize this. But yesterday, I was on the phone with Edwin while heading to Mok's house for gathering. Before I hung the phone, I started talking aloud to myself. So my friend heard me talking and he knew I am alone. So memalukan...

In my own world I am quite talkative but in reality... Am I psycho?

7. Err...
This has something to do with Jay Chou's habit... Better don't mention it here. Go google up yourself.

Is it so important to stop these bad habits? Why should I stop something which is already part of me?

I know I have few bad habits that is unstopable. But please don't forget I have many good virtues and values in me that you guys have yet to discover.

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