Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Of the future, past end

I had just ended conversation with SK and Bui Bui. Now I have the mix feeling of miserable and guilt that once haunted me. But the strength of the feel is no near to the past. I shared with them my past experiences and my heart ignited to the sour cream flavour. My heart eroded awhile.

I am a sore looser who can't get through with what I wrongly did and did nothing to compensate the damage I had imposed on. Thousand sorry mean nothing now. Anything done now is meaningless.

As a person who thinks highly of himself, I am not letting my past to drag me down even an inch. I know my stance, I know my way of doing things, I know how to deal with things. Things of the past are no longer important, 'coz I absorbed the very essence I extracted from the history, and made it my first yet the most important lesson in my life.

From the past I learn to lead my path, I know the way to create my own path, I know who to guide me in pathing the way to my future.

It's easy to walk a path that has been ready made for everyone. But it's tough to walk out the path, build changes out of norm and bear risks. Never it is easier to convince everyone in believing the path that we chose that seem wrong in their eyes.

I am not letting the past defeat me who once triumph the shameful history in my life. I was once shame of myself, but no longer need to. I need not let the guilt express itself while suppress the happy moment that I am sharing now. Watch out your past tense, don't simply mix with present and future tense.

Past went off with the wind, and shall never make a come back along the rain. History shall not repeat, and so never shall future repeats history...

I am sorry...

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot