Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Please Help Me!!!

I start fretting right after CNY break. The amount of angpao did not soothe me enough to nullify the post-CNY workloads.

In 4 days time, Genetics test 1 falls upon. The progress is - 3%.
In 11 days time, Molecular Biology test 1 strikes. Progress - 0%.
In 18 days time, Molecular Biology and Genetics reports to be submitted simultaneously. Progress - 0%.
In 34 days time, Culture & Communication assignment and presentation. Progress - 0%.
In 38 days time, say hello to Pendidikan Moral test 1. Progress - 0%.

Not enough? Add on hectic replacement classes, boring classes, bad weather, naughty computer... How time consuming. Can't imagine, can ya?

I am lucky enough to have completed my Pendidikan Moral assignment "prototypically", otherwise my ass would be in real bad shape now. But from the time frame given, Jino you are really inefficient!!!

Though clock ticks, I still manage to slip out these works, leisurely rolling on my bed while thinking whether to save money on KK trip or to buy a new computer. Aren't I just too carefree?

Aye aye sir... *crunching*

But allow me to finish up this apple on my hand first, then take a nice ice water bath, lastly watch night news. Ya? ^^

Am I stressed? YES I AM "STRESSED". Believe it or not?

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