Monday, February 2, 2009

Sekinchan "Trip" - 30 Jan 2009

It was a fine day when a bunch/ half of Biochem Y2S2 Group 1 (Siau Chien, Xiao Wei, Jia Hui, Shiau Li, Bee Ling, Carol, Piew, SK, Seng Seng, Bui Bui, Jino, Ah Lok, Chang Hoong) gathered in Steven Corner Genting Klang, awaiting their next class in 4 hours time... That hang out brought the proposal of house visiting during CNY.

After 2 weeks of coordination, we had our plan finalized and materialized. The number of participants reduced by 40%. Seng Seng ffk at the very last minute making it 53%. Too bad...

Participants of the "trip"

2 cars for the plan: WND 9668 Honda City and WJD 8053 Proton Iswara. Navigators: Chang Hoong and Ah Lok.

I was quite worry if my 老婆婆 car can make it or not. As you know, the car is in very bad condition, never service, "hot air-cond"... Why did they want me to drive?

Ah Lok, SK, Carol and me 1st gathered in Steven Corner, then met up with Chang Hoong at Kepong Lama (sambil mintak angpao). After that we had breakfast dim sum in Sg Buloh after fetching Siau Chien from her house (tak sempat go into her house mintak angpao).

Breakfast dim sum - RM 80++ for 6

Sekinchan is up ahead Kuala Selangor. Driving to that place was very challenging and stressful, especially for the noob driver (me) and old, sick car (8053) following a drifter (SK) and his 9668 City. Curvy roads with fast-driven barbarians. What a daymare!!! 2 hours ++ of driving drained all my spiritual energy and my mental configuration was totally corrupted simply by keeping up with 9668 (+ I slept at 3 a.m. the night before). The girls into Proton while the guys into City.

The girls in my car kept complaining hot hot hot in my car. Girls!!! The air-cond's max-ed!!! I am freaking cold already. Blame your fats la lol... Later I will show you the difference of guys and girls - edited and added 22 February 2009

Anyway we reached Sekinchan Piew's house safe and sound. What a relief... And this journey was the furthest that I had drove to. Walao congratz to myself, I pecah my own record!!!

At Piew's house

My "老婆婆" made it!!!

We rented a house instead of staying at Piew's house. RM 300 for a six-roomed, three-bathroomed house + air-conds + old dirty fridge + brother kwan 2 + house no. 98... what more do you expect? The house turned to a "发" lair... 发来发去.

In front of rented house + City

Actually there's nothing much to do in Sekinchan. If you talk bout seafood, yes. What else? We tried the "dried beach" for fun, seafood lunch and jetty for sunset (but no sunset).

"White sandy beach" and "sparkling blue sea"

At the beach

Lunch seafood - RM 80++ for 8. More worthy than breakfast

At the jetty

Our dinner was on Piew's family. My favourite dish was sayur goreng 'coz they had 啦啦煎 (I don't eat lala), chilli shark, chilli fish, sambal prawn (I will sakit perut after makan chilli). I was so thankful to the vege that my stomach's full.

Following dinner was fireflies watch with drizzles. ~我在淋雨中. Paddling the sampan in the midst of darkness, fireflies were as pretty as LED lights decorating Xmas trees. But no camera is allowed in that area.

7 gigantic "fireflies" at Kelip Kelip Kg Kuantan, Kuala Selangor

Our night activity was lousang. The box - 'RM 10 for "7-10" servings'. I think 7-10 babies are more appropriate haha... Thanks to Siau Chien for the lou sang and thanks to Piew for the eating utensils.

Lou sang

At night we talked about 3G - Geli Geli Ghost. That night I had to recall what G had said during the group meeting as I was part of the story teller. Unforgettable memory with G, and say no more to G. We had "发" times with pokers cards and mahjong "cards" till 2.30 a.m. Next time don't let the drivers to sleep so late. Dangerous!!!

The next morning was quite stuffy. I was the earliest to wake up (don't want to rebut make cake with others). We drove around the paddy fields and prayed 9 King God. What a bum. Say your prayers...

Paddy field

Temple tower

And we had coconut to refresh ourselves...

Open coconut

This is Piew's cat. Memang miang macam his master

We headed back KL at 3 p.m. and bid farewell to Piew's family for their kindness to hub our presence. This time the guys rode on my car back home. Let me show you the difference between guys and girls. When the guys enter my car, Chang Hoong - "Lower down your air-cond. Save petrol."

Chang Hoong said I very geng, sleep so late and woke up early yet I had the energy to drive. What he doesn't know is, I was damn freaking tired and bored and I had tried my best to concentrate on the safety journey. My eyes were closing if not because of him haha...

After sending Siau Chien back home (of 'coz this time we take angpao ^^) and Chang Hoong back home, I had my petrol tank fulled. In total my car used up RM 56.60 petrol. Another bummer is that 9668 City spent RM 56.70 on petrol. SK... your City is proven not a petrol saving car.

I am very satisfied yet tired today, thanks everyone. I was totally drained out like a spoilt kai lan. And I want more trips with UTAR coursemates but at the same time I hope that I will not be the driver anymore ^^

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