Friday, December 25, 2009


Speaking of Christmas, believe me, it is nothing but a public holiday to me. Say, whether it is an auspicious or a normal day, don't try to be Scrooge in The Christmas Carol. You may not have a lover to go through your days. But trust me, you always have family, friends or colleagues to celebrate with. Even a dog can do the job. Just don't feel lonely as the negative feel draws darkness.

As for me, Christmas is still a normal day. Nothing has changed for the past 22 years. For the first time, I wish my friends in my phone list via sms. It's not something I would do in the past but this time I have too much credit left. Alright maybe I overdid it a little. Hopefully my sms did not ruin your day.

Steamboat dinner with family on Christmas

A selfish wish from me - I wish she will nod her head after seeing my gels next week, marks the end of my final year project. Please?

May you guys have a blessed Christmas. Merry Christmas, folks. Stay happy and brace the days.

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