Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year 2010

There are times one must learn to let go, even if you put a great show of reluctance. My eye lids will slowly slide shut and falling over from boredom if I post the draft I prepared earlier.

Going by the amount of words, I give up my draft and sinfully put aside to rewrite one shorter and sweeter.

To make it short, I wrote about my friends remain single. Even if they are attached, they won't last long. After they're through 3 months, tears are what last left for them. Why can't I find someone who is trustworthy, who is attached, who can at least share my happiness and sorrows when I need some shoulders to cry on or an ear to listen to? Most of the time I questioned myself, why am I so lucky to have a good lover when they have hard times looking for the right one? I admit I've been down occasionally as our relationship entered different phases, but I manage to brush aside the grievances and start over again. 'Coz I know in my heart, there is still you no matter how heartless I may be.

Hei I just habis gaduh with my bf.
Ya ya ya don't show off. I am single.
... Sorry to disturb.

Most men simply enjoy relationship more than singledom whether for the comfort, companionship, or the consistent orgasm. I understand that as much. Not only I never have the experience of being lonely, unable to find a lover, affair etc, I have never been dumped. They are right. I can never understand their feeling if I am a spoilt brat who enjoys happiness all time. All the time I did nothing but to listen and give pointless comments and reasoning. I can't help blaming myself when the barrier is strengthened and our gaps are widened. Maybe as a friend I can only do that much. My deepest apologies.

I am impressed I manage to stay in my relationship for so long. There could not be a possibly a better one than to wish for everyone's health, but what's health if you have no companionship? What's 100 years of life without happiness and love? What's eternity when you are lonely? Can't say I was looking forward to the day they meet their Mr. and Mrs. Right. And then make me jealous with their relationships and laugh over the sweet memories they had.


Happy New Year 2010 and may my friends find their lovers at the soonest time. Appreciate what you have in hands and cherish the given moment before the end.

If I have the strength... Let not the song befall on us.

To Xiao Bai, Ricky, Kenji, Brian and Ryan, felicitaciones for your recent new found love.

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