Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Irreversible chemical reactions

December 20 2009

Many biological reactions proceed in both directions at the same time, attaining the result what we term 'equilibrium' of both reactants and products concentrations. Thus the reversible reaction.

While a lot of reactions are reversible, there are also countless irreversible reactions on Earth. Given example as below:

And some compounds are destined not to react from the beginning.

The chemistry law of love is no different from applied sciences.

I know that sometimes people don't mean to hurt each other or make mistakes. After all it is human nature to make mistakes and stumble over hurting to you or by the person you love and trusted most in life.

Of 'coz there are mistakes that are obviously wrong you've done by accident. There are a lot of mistakes - big ones, small ones, horrible ones. Some mistakes are easier to forgive than others. Mistakes, when replied with apologize results forgiveness, is a reversible mistakes.

While we make a lot of mistakes in lives, there are mistakes so serious that both parties are scarred. Eternal scars. Trauma. It's so serious that when the scars cannot be undone, it is an irreversible reaction one cannot just forgive or tolerate even if time is prescribed. There is absolutely nothing I can do to change the thing I've done in the past. No matter how much I make a silly face, change the subject or wittingly humour it, denials are not welcomed.

A lesson is learned but the damage is irreversible. Mistakes in love will not go unpunished.

It doesn't matter how respiration resembles the reverse of photosynthesis, they are two different cycles. One involved light and dark reactions while another involved Kreb cycle. One in chloroplast and one in mitochondrion. Just a general comparison but... nevertheless they are different kind of reactions. Isn't love the same? I tried to reverse the mistakes that I made but the outcome is never the same as before. The little differences are what instilled in you, which inevitably haunt you.

Costly mistakes in relationships can indeed cost you your cherished partner. Simply put, a crime, once committed, is difficult to erase. When resentment sets in, the type of emotions that is irreversible even if I tried so hard, can be reversed? No.

The hardest smack in love is losing trust. The lost of faith is not simply rebuilt with sorries. The doubt and suspicion forever hunts. I am sorry.

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