Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My English is so very the powderful

It was long ago I use English as a language to converse other than in presentation. It is time to realize that my English is bad, especially in daily conversation. One is Kenji (few months ago), and then Dexter (an hour ago). These English educated people whom I met recently speak good English. Not to mention they are good looking too. It never come to my attention me so low and weak compared to them. They don't use bombastic or poetic or philosophical terms, but the way they converse actually surprised me and I was fascinated at their choices of words. Honestly I never feel this bad till I speak to them face to face. Simple yet polite while my English pasar doesn't match, so to speak. Of 'coz I don't have problem understanding them, somehow I feel low standing next to them. They must be thinking I speak weird English.

Ben and Denise speak good English too. But as we speak, they lower down their level so much for people like me to understand. To think that our difference is this much bothers me. It's only fair I blame myself for being weak. I tried not to think of this but that was proving difficult. What other ways can I improve if people around me mostly use Chinese as intermediary language? Ok I will start reading from today.

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